These shoes are made for walking

Just like the tires on your car, your athletic shoes should also be changed after they’ve accummulated a certain “mileage.”

How long your athletic shoes will last depends on several factors, including how often you wear them, where you run

Fall is the perfect time of year for outdoor fun

With the changing leaves and cooler weather, millions of adults will participate in sports: football, soccer, basketball, baseball and softball, and running, to name a few. Whether you are skilled, an amateur, or enjoy individual activities – adults will get

Emergency Room or Podiatrist?

Foot and ankle trauma is all too common in the fall when many of us ramp up our exercise regimens as temperatures become more moderate. When faced with what to do and where to go for foot and ankle injuries

Hit the Beach — But Watch Where You’re Going

One perk of a beach-bound vacation is looking forward to lounging happily with your toes dangling in the warm weather, shoe-free, with the sand at your feet. But alas, your dream vacation does come with its own set of tootsie

Foot Myths: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

The myths we perpetuate about health care are often quite humorous, like jumping up and down on one foot to cure hiccups. But many foot treatment myths can be harmful and dangerous. Here are a few that we want to